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The Grease Shield ®   Key Benefits

Pollution should be prevented at source by using BAT (Best Available Technology) techniques / methodology / equipment and processes and the Polluter must pay.

GreaseShield™ prevents pollution at source!

'The Best Grease Trap In the World

GreaseShield™ is a Pro-Active Mechanical Grease Trap taking advantage of waste thermal energy present in effluent being discharged from commercial kitchens to remove emulsified FOGs, particularly saturated animal fats, before they solidify.

GreaseShield™ contains a number of co-operating Baffles and a Reverse Flow Direction which, together with the difference in specific gravities of FOGs and water, assist in retaining FOGs and help to counteract emulsified contaminants being passed through to cause problems in the drainage systems.

GreaseShield™ removes FOGs using an Oleophilic (attracts FOGs) and Hydrophobic (repels water) rotating drum in  conjunction and co-operation with a silicone rubber blade having anti-static ingredients allowing FOGs to be removed externally for recycling and safe disposal.

GreaseShield™ has an automated recirculation of grey effluent. Grey effluent is recovered from the outlet and recirculated back to the inlet of the GreaseShield Increasing the FOG Removal Efficiency of the GreaseShield™

The British Hospitality Association The removal of organic contaminants and the recirculation of the effuent combined within the GreaseShield™ together with a decant function after all of the FOGs have been removed during the night prevents any foul odours and the need for supplementary ventilation.

The requirements of  EN 1825 – 1: 2004 are satisfied as to the emission of FOGs during testing as set out in 8.5.1  of EN 1825- 1: 2004 and analysed at 1.5 mg/l or ppm.

  • Harvest Renewable Energy
  • User Friendly
  • Fully Automatic
  • Self Cleaning
  • Recyclable Grey Water Effluent
  • No Enzymes or Chemicals


  • 2012 'Prix de l'Innovation' (Environment & Energy) Salon Des Maires - France
  • 2012 'Environmental Innovation Award 2012' & 'Visitors Vote For Best Product' - Resource Ireland
  • 2012 Best New Catering Equipment Innovation Highly Commended - Gulfood Awards, Dubai
  • 2012 Best Environmental Sustainability Initiative Highly Commended - Gulfood Awards, Dubai
  • 2011 FCSI 'Highly Commended - Sustainable Catering Equipment Award 2011' for GreaseShield
  • 2010 Green Hospitality Award for Innovation - Ireland
  • 2010 Innovation in Industry Award - Northern Ireland
  • 2009 Eco Innovation Award - France
  • 2009 Best Equipment Product - Ireland
  • 2008 Best Catering Equipment Award - Ireland

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